Snow is FUN Dammit!

 Normally I am not much of a snow person. Ok, that is an understatement. Normally I absolutely despise the snow. It is cold and wet and, since I live in NYC, instantly converts to a black slushy mess the minute it hits the ground. Also you have to shovel. And dig out your car from the giant snow mountain that the plow created. Did I mention the slush? Crossing streets is like hiking through marshland. Cold, snowy marshland. Basically, snow falls and I whine. A lot.

But I have a five year old. And we have had a relatively uneventful winter. So this morning I actually woke up excited to take her out in what will probably be the only snowstorm we have this year. We went to the dojo for class and then bundled up in snowpants, boots, hats, gloves and extra socks and headed out to Central Park with our plastic saucer that is what kids call a sled nowadays. (I had an old wooden Radio Flyer with front handles that were used for turning right before you slammed headfirst into a tree.  That was a sled. None of this plastic crap. Oh and who is this Lady GaGa anyway? It all sounds like noise. Now bring me a gin & tonic and my walker!)

Central Park was stunning! So much so that it almost made me like winter.

Maya and I climbed onto our little blue saucer and went zooming down the hill together. It was awesome! Well, I thought it was awesome anyway. Maya was not so sure. The first few runs she squealed and giggled like you are supposed to when you are speeding down a snowy hill. But then she wanted to climb through the snow drifts. She liked sledding with me but she was a little scared when she went by herself. And really, she would rather do this:

And this:

That giant snowball had my name on it.

Honestly, she may have just been humoring me with the whole sledding thing. But we had a good time in the park together anyway. It seemed that even a winter hating Scrooge like me could have a successful snow day with her child. Good mommy points for me!

Eventually I got cold and hungry so I lured Maya away with the promise of hot chocolate. Over lunch I asked her if she had had fun.

"It was ok, mommy."
What?? Just ok? But the hill and the sled and the snow angels and the sun sparkling off of the trees. I put on boots. I even let you throw snow in my face! 

"Why just ok?"
"Well we didn't really get to do everything I wanted. And I noticed something."
'What did you notice?"
"That the winter and the snow makes a lot of people grumpy. Like you. I don't think I am really a winter person. "

Oh my god! How old is my five year old anyway? Not a winter person? What kid talks like that? And what kind of horrible parent am I that all my child remembers of sledding in the park is that her mommy gets grumpy when it snows?

And I wasn't by the way. Grumpy, that is. I zoomed down that hill laughing like a seven year old. I had a blast! Honestly, I wasn't even faking it for her sake. Sure, I didn't really want to have a snowball fight. And I didn't get down in the snow with her and roll around. But I thought I was doing ok. Actually, I thought I was being a pretty good winter mommy.

Apparently, I sucked.

But Maya got hot chocolate. She really likes hot chocolate.

There will still be snow on the ground tomorrow. We can build a giant snowman outside our apartment. Maya can throw snowballs in my face until I get frostbite. 

And she is going to slide down that damn hill over and over, until she realizes just how awesome it is! 
I'm getting this right, dammit!

Oh well, if all else fails, there is always more hot chocolate.


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