Arm Bars and Sports Bras

Dear Ronda Rousey,
Thank you. 
Thank you for being part of the first women's UFC match ever. Thank you for representing all of us females who train. Thank you for working your butt off so when you got out there on the mat you looked skilled and confident. Thank you for not giving up when Liz Carmouche took your back and almost finished the fight with a rear naked choke. Thank you for making me want to hit the mats and drill arms bars until sunset. Thank you also, for bucking the stereotype, for being beautiful and feminine and showing the world that not all girls who fight look like slightly smaller versions of dudes who fight. I was damn proud to watch both you and Liz out there in the Octagon last night. I have only one small complaint.

Next time, please wear a different sports bra.

I watched the fight with my husband and two of our closest male friends. Among the four of us there are three current karate practitioners  and one guy who used to train when he was younger. We are a white, blue and purple belt in jiu-jitsu, respectively. My husband and I run a dojo. We are a pretty knowledgeable bunch. I have known these guys a long time and they are a group who honestly respects women, both on and off the mat. Still, this was the conversation that ensued during your historic match:

"Wow, I think she has the choke. Look at that. Oooh, good escape...."
"Did she tap? I think she tapped."
"I think there is a 95 percent chance her boob is going to pop out."
"I am sure the UFC paid her a lot of money to wear that."
"THAT is a good camera angle!"
"Uh oh, here comes the arm bar. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....."
"And done. Time to readjust her bra."

And so on.

Look, even you commented on it in your post fight interview:
"I was thinking about my bra, actually. I kept thinking, I didn't order this one myself, so they gave me my weigh in bra for the fight. If you look back, I was adjusting myself at one point while she was on my back. Multitasking [laughs]!"

By the way, I think you have very nice boobs.  
Also, this was hot:

I am fine with you using your sex appeal to further your career.
But while you were doing your thing in the cage I really just wanted to see you fight. 

There was one time, early on in my BJJ training, that I accidentally wore the "wrong" top under my gi. As in, the tank top I was wearing seemed fine until I started rolling and quickly realized that half of my lady parts were showing.  Now I wear a rash guard, or a t-shirt. Because the last thing I want to worry about while training is what my chest is doing. 

(To the women who wear tiny tops to class on purpose. Ladies, this is not ok. Not if you want people to take your jiu-jitsu seriously anyway.) 

Here's the deal.  If you have to constantly hold down your skirt while going up the subway steps, it is too short. If you spend all day peeking at your chest to make sure you are not showing any nipples, your shirt is cut too low. And if you have to stop in the middle of defending a neck crank to make sure your boob is not falling out, you are wearing the wrong sports bra.

Just my opinion.

Other than that, your fight was awesome! I wish I could do an armbar with even half of your precision. You made all us female fighters proud!

Ms. Carmouche, you were no slouch either.

I look forward to the next one.

Girls rule!

This gal


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