On Sledding...and Zombies

You know those moments when your imagination just takes over? Like when you are sitting somewhere, daydreaming, and random thoughts that make no sense start wandering through your head. Like maybe you were watching The Fast & The Furious again last night and you start wondering what it would be like to steal cars, like maybe that BMW over there, and then suddenly you have concocted an entire scenario in your head and the cops are chasing you while you fly down the BQE at night and its raining or maybe snowing, and the radio is blasting some 80's dance number through your open windows.

Yeah, like that.

So after drills class this morning, I sat down on the 6 train next to a woman with two bags full of food from Trader Joes. And as she reaches into one of the bags to pull out a handful of blueberries to snack on, I have this thought: If the subway gets stuck between stations for hours and hours, at least I am near someone with food. Perhaps she will share her blueberries. And then I think, well if some major disaster occurs, like the Zombie Apocalypse, and it is every woman for herself, I can just take her bags of food. I am smaller than her but I could just jump on her back, choke her out and steal her Trader Joes stash. You know, if it came to that. Like if the zombies were everywhere.

By the way, I don't think the bow & arrow choke would work on a zombie. Despite what this t-shirt might say:


But back to the point. I have a very active imagination. Also, I really don't like being stuck on the subway.

Yesterday we took Maya sledding again. It was a huge improvement over the first day. (If you are not sure what I am talking about, read this: http://mamommyarchives.blogspot.com/2013/02/snow-is-fun-dammit.html) By the end, not only was she sledding down the hill on her little blue saucer all by herself, but she was having a blast doing it!

The sledding hill in a NYC park is a fascinating place, especially for those of you who, like me are trying very hard to let your kids just be kids. Despite school shootings. And random kidnappings. And zombie invasions. It is really hard to helicopter parent on a snowy hill. You can try. You can set it up with one parent at the top for positioning, and the other at the bottom for catching. You can map out a perfectly straight, ice-free, run. You can teach your child how to steer, how to dig her feet into the snow to slow down, and when to bail off the sled entirely. You can do all this but she will still wind up zooming face first into a tree. (How the hell did that happen?) He will still wind up tumbling off his sled and sliding down the bottom half of the hill on his butt instead. There will be rocks. And slippery spots. And the endless collisions with other sledders who for some reason always insist on climbing back up the hill directly in your kid's path. And then there is that little boy who stops right at the bottom of the hill to investigate a hole in the snow with the toe of his boot. O M G! Move out of the way! CRASH!

In other words, sledding is awesome!

I mean, an overactive mind will see broken limbs, concussions, and long nights in the ER getting multiple stitches.  But if you can get past that, a sledding hill is a truly wonderful place to be a kid.

Its a wonderful place to be a mommy too. And by the way, for those of you who, like me, wish parents spent less time judging each other and more time helping each other, go sledding. In an hour and a half on the hill I saw people trade sleds, share snacks, and catch each other's children. Total strangers. At one point, Matthew grabbed another kid by the arm to keep him from hitting the rocks. Yes, my husband, (a man!), touched another child's arm in the park. You know what his mother said? Thank you.

Its amazing what happens when people are reasonable.

Thankfully, Maya made it out in one piece. And this time when I asked her how it was she said, "It was great, mommy!"

Thank god!
Mission accomplished.


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