Good morning.

There's that silly dojo clock again. I am not saying that was when we finished promotion necessarily. Its just a clock. Who knows when I took that picture? Could have been months ago...

(It was last night. Right after the bear went to sleep.) 

You know that show Lost? Where they are all stranded on that island and they have to deal with that smoke monster and those Others and learning all about each other and all that?

Yeah, like that.
Well, without the horrific plane crash.

Tomorrow I will have a lot to write. After our students are all done sparring and we sit down with a cold beer to celebrate. 
For now, lets just say that I had fun out there last night. 
Which, for me, was the perfect way to finish this whole roller coaster of an experience.

Also, I know belts aren't supposed to matter. But this one is really pretty.

I am very proud of myself.
I am very proud of all of us.
It was meaningful, in many, many ways, which you will hear about soon, at the point when I am able to put coherant thoughts together.

Now where the heck is my coffee?