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A Dog, Career Day, and How Is it NOT Wednesday Yet??

Sometimes, when I am trying to come up with things to blog about, I reread my old posts. I suppose you could say it gives me perspective. Sometimes I reread my old posts for no other reason than because I can. (Meeeeeeeeee!) This morning, while browsing through March of 2013, I realized that I am, much like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, about to relive the exact same week all over again. 

Last year, at this time, there was a Sensei/Kyoshi promotion going on. Maya was getting ready for Career Day at her school. Chloe (the dog) was trying to eat my breakfast. (

Today is March 24th. This afternoon Maya and I are going to splatter paint on one of my old shirts so she can wear it this Wednesday for Career Day. (This year, she wants to be an artist.) And then, Wednesday evening, we begin another Sensei/Kyoshi promotion. Another year, another bear to subdue. (

(Chloe, obviously, has not changed a wink.)

This year it is a little different of course, because it is actually my promotion. 

So I have to fight the bear.
Among other things.

I am not really nervous about the karate part. I know karate. I will most likely make a few mistakes, due to nerves and the fact that it is past my bedtime. But I do not mind, I am not expecting perfection. It is the unknowns that put a knot in my stomach. Like my shoulder, which is entirely unpredictable. Some mornings I wake up and feel great, other times I can barely turn my head to the left. Training, sleeping funny, or simply riding the subway can set it off. I won't know what I am working with until Wednesday afternoon. 

Also, these damn kids keep coughing at me. Teaching class is like a scene out of 300, with germs flying through the air from every direction.  That and the fact that Spring in NYC seems to mean 25 degrees and windy, means there is a very good chance I wake up with the flu. There is not enough Purell in the world to combat a snot-ridden four year old who chews his fingers in class.  (His name is Jake. He is really sweet. And germy.)

Did I mention its cold outside. Also, we might get some snow. Which means the dojo is going to be freezing. You know what is great for sore neck muscles? Sitting on the floor for 3 hours in a cold room. 

We also have three students going for first degree black belt this week. They are rock stars and are going to be fabulous, but that does not make me any less nervous for them. 

You know what is great for sore neck muscles? Sitting on the floor for 3 hours in a cold room, while feeling slightly tense the whole time. 

All complaints aside, I think this week is going to be great. If it would just get going already. I thought that Wednesday was just the day after Tuesday, but now I am pretty sure they added a few more days in there just to mess with me. Seriously, this has been the longest week ever.

Yeah, I know it is only Monday. 
That's the point!

Right now there is nothing to do but wait. And train. Very, very carefully. And try not to breathe on the subway.

Here is a bear:

I am thinking of jumping on his back and attempting to choke him out, BJJ style. 

What do you think?

P.S. Anyone have a machete I could borrow?


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