I wasn't going to do this. Honestly, I wasn't. After all, it is Valentines Day, the day of candy and flowers. But as I had nothing much to do yesterday but "dick around on the Internet", I have now seen far too many Facebook posts. So I'm going there.

Hey New York, shut the hell up!

I agree, snow is a pain. I too have been fighting depression and cabin fever all month, and actually danced a little jig when I saw the bright shining orb in the sky this morning. So if you had to trudge your way to work at 9am yesterday I feel for you. Honestly.

But the whole schools thing? Enough already!

True, my child's school is two blocks away. So taking her there was no biggie. If we had to commute farther I would have...wait for it....kept her ass home! Its called making a choice. I do not need the school chancellor to do it for me. 

As for the teachers who had to go in, I say reward them by allowing them to scrap the stupid core standards for the day and letting them teach whatever the hell they want. In other words, let them use their brains! Be creative. Get out the paper mache. Have some fun. Stop complaining that you are just "babysitting".

Oh wait. It was only the Internet that was whining. Actually most of the teachers I know were proud of themselves. They made the best of a shitty situation by doing their jobs and teaching the 4 kids who managed to show up. Or they were snowed in and couldn't get to work. Which is fine too. 

You teachers rock! Seriously.

Here is the list of all the people who had to go to work yesterday, yes, in the terrible blizzard:
Police Officers
That nice Korean guy who works at my corner store.
My assistant karate teacher, Adri.
My buddy Alex, who is a lawyer, and also drove his kid to his parents house first. Slowly and carefully. With minimal whining.
The bus drivers.
The school crossing guard who greeted my kid with a big smile even though there was snow blowing in her face for two hours.
The cashiers in my local supermarket. And the pharmacy. And every other store I saw in my neighborhood, which were all open.

I could keep on going but I think you get the point.

Oh, and that poor woman who was hit by the plow? A terrible tragedy. That had nothing to do with the schools being open.

Listen, if you live out in Jersey are are currently buried under 2 feet of fresh powder you can be a little annoyed. If you live in wayoutthere Brooklyn where no plow ever dares to go, feel free to be pissed off. If you live in Park City, UT, where the average annual snowfall is 411 inches (yes you read that correctly), by all means, bitch on sisters!

But if you live anywhere in Manhattan, or Williamsburg, Brooklyn like me, or any of the other places close enough to the city that they salt and plow every few hours, go buy some boots and a hat and walk your kid to school.

Slowly and carefully of course.

Or don't. It is your choice. You don't need De Blazio to make it for you.

Oh and by the way, if your kid is so far behind that missing one day of "education" will make a difference, you have bigger problems than the snowstorm to worry about. 

You know who does have the right to complain? All the NYC public school kids. Because they got gypped out of a really awesome day of video games. Ya'll can be as angry as you want. I think I can count on one hand the number of snow days I got as a NYC kid, and it sucks! Welcome to it.

OK I am climbing down off of my soapbox now. 
Drive safely everyone. Which, in case you didn't know, means go SLOW and for goddsake stop texting!

Oh and Happy Valentines Day. If you are into that sort of thing.


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