CELEBRATE! 100 Things You Can Do With Elmers Glue

Its that time of year again, people! And no I don't mean "panic and buy the last chocolate heart you see on the shelf on your way home from work" day. Nor do I mean "fantasize about the sand in Aruba while once again digging your car out of the ice" day. (Although it is that day too.) No, I mean that completely arbitrary holiday known to all school-aged children as the 100th day of School!!

I am not sure who first came up with this idea. Perhaps it was some overachieving preschool teacher? Well lets see, I already have to celebrate 25 kids birthdays. And then there is Halloween and Chinese New Year and Valentines Day and Easter and St. Patricks Day and the completely secular and non-offensive"Winter Festival". Not to mention that end of year extravaganza, the "Moving On" ceremony, otherwise known as graduation or more accurately, we are 5 now. But I am superteacher! I need one more special day to make my year complete, one that also magically includes math standards. I know, lets celebrate the 100th day of school!

Never mind that the 100th day of school is meaningless, as there are usually a full 4 months left of the year. It is a fun way to illustrate counting. It is a good excuse to take a break from the usual classroom routine. It is a chance for all the type A parents to use their creative side. After all, how many opportunities does a guy get to make a cool collage out of 100 paper clips? Or rubber bands. Or the human genome made out of M&M's and silly string.

Hey, whatever floats your boat dude.

My daughter glued 100 toothpicks to a piece of cardboard, divided up in colored groups of twenty each. It was a fun little project and she was very proud of it. Most importantly, she did it almost exclusively on her own. Which is how all school projects should be done. IMO anyway.

So listen up Park Slope mommies! This is not your chance to show everyone what you can knit with only 100 stitches. It is not ok to bake 100 gluten, nut and sugar free chocolate chip cookies. (Cause at least 8 kids in your child's class have a food allergy.) We know your kid did not build that Lego spaceship. If you need to show off so badly, wait until "graduation" day and french braid little Taylor's hair. Or something useful like that.

Perfectly appropriate. Not over the top at all.
I know, I know. My snarky attitude is ruining all the fun. You go ahead and post that pic on Facebook. Take a selfie with it. It isn't your kid's fault the 100th day of school is silly. You worked hard on that project.

Oops, I mean he. Your kid. He worked hard on that quilt.

This is awesome. And by awesome, I mean mama has too much free time on her hands and needs to find a hobby.
I recommend jiu-jitsu.


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