Zombies and Chocolate

For my daughter, Easter Sunday means candy. So this morning she climbed out of bed at 7 like it was Christmas, found her Easter basket on the table, and unpacked some art supplies and a chocolate bunny which she tried to convince me was a fine thing to eat for breakfast. (The bunny, not the crayons.)

She also wanted to dye and hide eggs, something we have done since Maya was two. It is a task that is complicated by the fact that we own a dog who likes to play too. She (the dog, not Maya) will find and eat whole eggs, shell and all, so we need to pick hiding spots that are low enough for a kid to see but high enough that Chloe can't immediately snatch them. 

We are not Christians. (We are not Jews either, although I do like to occasionally snack on matzo. ) But I have a kid who likes to question things so I am often asked to explain the meaning of one holiday or another. "So there was this Jesus guy who tried to get people to be good to each other. And some people didn't like him so they killed him. But then something magical happened and on Easter Sunday he rose from the dead. Yes, like a zombie."

(You should have heard me completely botch the story of Hannukah.)

To a non believer, the story of Easter is an odd and somewhat violent, fairy tale. But the ever-wise Glennon of Momastery.com has managed to extract a lesson that even the most militant of atheists can appreciate.  

"Because no matter how dark it is now: you will rise again. That’s the way of the world. That’s the message of Easter.
Friday = Life Hurts Like Bloody Hell.

I don't believe in the Easter Bunny and I don't believe that a man can rise from the dead, no matter how long and luxurious his hair was. But I am a fan of this rising thing. Go ahead nail me to a cross. I will get up anyway. Take that, haters!

Glennon's  entire post can be found here: http://momastery.com/blog/2015/04/03/easter-story/
It is mostly about her marriage, but you can just cut and paste in whatever thing you may be struggling with. The message is the same.

Happy Easter/Passover/Eat a Cadbury Cream Egg for Breakfast Day
Happy Spring!

Happy Rising.


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