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The First Rule Of Sensei Promotion...

Ok, blogging. Yup I had something to say. Now hold on, where is that laptop? Ok, now where the hell is my coffee? Great. OK, ready to blog. Am I still in the dojo? Or am I back in the dojo? Perhaps this is where I live now. Maybe a large coffee next time? Mmmm donut holes. Ok, get it together, you really had something you wanted to share with all your fine readers. Who is that small child? Ugh there's class today?

What day is it again?

If you were hoping for all the details of last night's Sensei/Kyoshi promotion I apologize. But as they say, what happens at Sensei promotion....So I won't tell you about the bear. Or the blue thing. Or what Shihan Monte's pajamas look like.

Here, have a photo!


Yes that is a clock reading 12:25. In the AM. The dojo clock. From last night.
Where did that bear go? Does anyone have any fish?

Being a part of this experience was a little like getting stranded at sea for awhile with 10 other people. It is long. And cold. And a bit uncomfortable. You wish you had a snack. But, by the end of the evening you really feel like you know those people. You have shared stories. You kept each other warm. When the boat finally docks you rush out into the world, ecstatic to be free. But then, as you are walking towards home you suddenly realize that you miss your companions. Despite your cramped legs, stiff back and rumbling belly, part of you kind of wishes you were back on that boat. After all, you went through something together, something huge and meaningful. That kind of thing leaves an impression.

You know that movie Life of Pi? Where the dude was stuck on a boat with a tiger? 
Yeah, it was like that. 
Only with a bear.

All of the promotion candidates were awesome and I am so unbelievably proud of our two brand new Senseis, Rich and Ellen. They showed incredible poise and skill and really made the Upper Westside Dojo proud. 

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother." William Shakespeare, Henry V

We are all brothers now. 
Anyone have a bear trap I can borrow?


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