I'm Back...Sort of

Hello blog readers! It has been awhile, I know. Sometimes I get so caught up with mom-ing, teaching and trying to keep up with that 17 year old's leg attacks that my brain cannot be bothered to put two sentences together.

This BJJ life is hard ya'll.

But I am writing to let you know that from now on all my thoughts and brilliant ramblings will be directly posted to the MAMA Facebook page instead of here. So if you are still interested in hearing about my life please go like my page: https://www.facebook.com/MamaMartialArtsMommyArchives/?hc_ref=ARRKm25w6q5uszYWUeUPu9BFpch8KxcbPw2AhY30kVw_8B3092MQkh4t5_S9CjS-5rA&fref=nf

That is where you can read all about Maya's latest accomplishments, my "big guy smash" struggles, my obsessive love of coffee, and whether or not I think the romper is a reasonable fashion choice. (Spoiler alert, I don't.) The posts will be slightly shorter so those of you with minimal free time and short attention spans can still enjoy them on your morning commute.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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