Slumber Party

Photo: Just picked Maya up from her first sleepover birthday party. It was a huge success! Well, except for the sleep part...Good morning. Happy Sunday! Happy Spring!

That over there is my daughter, asleep in my bed. We just picked her up from her very first sleepover birthday party. Up until last night, she had only ever spent the night at her grandparents house, so this was a big deal. 

The birthday was for two of Maya's best friends who are twins. There were 13 little girls at this party. Thirteen six and seven year old girls, eating oranges at midnight and singing "Let it Go" until the wee hours of the morning. I could never do that. These parents are my heroes. 

I am not sure if Maya got any sleep. Her friend's mom texted me around 10:30 to say that she was singing along to Frozen. Around 11:15 there were five little girls still awake, giggling and telling scary stories. She sent them into the twins bedroom so they would not wake up the other kids who were all passed out on air mattresses on the living room floor. I am not sure what happened after that. Maya said something about her friend who kept making her laugh while she was trying to fall asleep. There is a very good chance she pulled an all nighter.

The party was meant to end at 11am today but we picked her up early because she had a tummyache. Perhaps due to too many oranges at bedtime? She threw up a few times. Now she is sleeping. Is it possible they raided the liquor cabinet? She really does look like she went on a bender.

I am incredibly proud of her. I mean, not the throwing up part. That sucks. But the making it through the night part. Having fun with her friends. Sleeping (or not sleeping) in a strange house. All of that. 

I am proud of myself too. I only woke up 4 or 5 times to check my phone. I only texted them once to check on her. I only spent about an hour imagining her lying awake in her friend's room, staring at the ceiling, sobbing, and wishing she could come home. Which, of course, never happened. She was too busy giggling.  And perhaps doing tequila shots.

In other words,  I was only a mommy cliche for part of the night. The rest of the time. I managed to let go.
Well, almost.
Go me!

I imagine this is not going to be the best Sunday in our household. We are going to have an exhausted kid on our hands. One who is cranky, whiny, emotional and may or may not be puking up oranges all day. 

But that is ok. I am so very proud of her. 
And hopefully, she is proud of herself. 

Or at least she will be when she finally wakes up.
Which I imagine will be some time this evening.

Or tomorrow.