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This won't take long. I know ya'll are busy brining turkey and creating a seating chart that somehow keeps Aunt Mildred as far away from your dad as possible. I just wanted to take this moment to express my sincere gratitude. For everything.

Here is how Thanksgiving goes for us. We go to my parents house. They live in Manhattan so we do not have to go anywhere near an airport or a train station. Matthew's dad often comes too. He thinks Obama is a martian sent to Earth to ruin our health care so we do not talk politics at dinner. We eat a traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and pumpkin pie. We all drink wine. My dad drinks enough wine to tell us the story about Tony Terici who lived down the street from him and whose mom made the best tomato sauce. He always prefaces the story by saying "Have I told you about Tony Terici?" Then he falls asleep on the couch. So does my husband, who does not even drink wine. Maya, my six year old, does a "dance show" which we are all required to give our full attention to. Then she eats too many cookies and inevitably has a meltdown. My brother and my dad make fun of each other. My dad complains about something my mom has done wrong with the whole cooking project. She ignores him and continues to feed us. She gives Maya another cookie. Maya falls down mid show and bursts into tears. 

I could go on but you get the point. 
I am very thankful to have them and I wouldn't trade them for anything! Even my brother, who sometimes wears a goofy hat and insists that "Cosplay" is a word. 

I complain a lot. (After all, who wants to read a bunch of blog posts about how wonderful my life is?) But I know damn well how lucky I am. 

My daughter whines sometimes and thinks the whole world revolves around her little blond head. But she is smart and strong and loving and most of all, HEALTHY, and I am so grateful to have her. Also, she gives great hugs!

My shoulder hurts sometimes, but I can train every day if I want to. My nose is often stuffy and my stomach often rumbly, but I am breathing fine and eating fine. I open my eyes every morning and can get out of bed with minimal effort. I am strong and healthy and for that I am extremely grateful. 

Matthew spends a lot of time talking about coconut oil and arm bars and deep down wants nothing more than to be Batman. But he is an amazing father and a wonderful husband who makes me a stronger, better person. We are truly partners in life and I have no doubt that I am deeply loved and for that I am very grateful.

I get to teach karate for a living. I get to teach tiny four year olds how to do the thing that I love more than anything in the world, FOR A LIVING. This is MY JOB! Enough said.

My dojo is full of incredible people. You are my other family and I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

There are a bunch of truly awesome peeps who try to choke me on a regular basis and for you I am also extremely grateful. Seriously, I am. Happy Thanksgiving!

I mostly write for me. But all bloggers are deeply narcissistic, and so to all of you who actually take the time out of your busy work schedules (mostly chatting and looking at You Tube videos of kittens) to read this, I thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

When I was younger, before I was married and long before I became a mommy. my friend Patrick and I had a Thanksgiving ritual. We would meet up in the morning, no matter how dreary and cold it was outside, and go to the parade. When we could no longer take the crowds or the wind, we would go have breakfast. Then I would walk him over to Grand Central Station, where he would hop a train to go see his family, and I would go home to mine to await the big feast. Sometimes, in the evening, after all the turkey was packed away in tin foil and the table cleared of crumbs, we would meet up in a bar and toast to surviving yet another Thanksgiving.

We do not get to hang out much anymore, but every Thanksgiving I still think of him. So Patrick, this one is for you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 


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